I can still limp two miles


For the past week or so, I’ve felt like my wheels are falling off. First my right leg started being all tingly, like it was asleep. Then my right hip started hurting enough to interfere with my sleep and exercise. Then my left calf felt (and still feels) like I just had a Charlie horse. Then my feet started hurting more than they had been, and my left shoulder too.

It didn’t help that yesterday I had to call or stop by seven different medical-related enterprises. By bedtime I was again ready to just call hospice. But this morning I accompanied Liz on her walk with Gibbie and mostly kept up, limping somewhat, for a whole two miles. I am reassured.

A week from today I’ll be in NYC to discuss participation in clinical trials. The trial they think is most likely would have me making eight office visits over twelve weeks. I’m thinking the weather should be good enough that I can just live under a bridge for a few months. Liz says sleeping in Central Park would be too dangerous.

But those logistics are for the future, a place I’m trying to avoid. Today I will work on book revisions, play with the puppies, and be grateful for the “new every morning” mercies allowing me to still limp two miles.

6 Replies to “I can still limp two miles”

  1. Sweet friend …. so sorry these past days and nights have been more difficult. Days are so hard when sleep becomes impossible. Glad this AM you were able to talk the walk all be it with a limp. We so appreciate your willingness to share the struggle as it help us be more specific in our prayers for you.

  2. I agree with Liz that Central Park might be too dangerous. 😏 The Lord already knows how He will facilitate. He cares for the birds of the air; He’ll take care of you as well.

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