Liver mystery

For the past week, I’ve felt extra fatigued. This morning, at my appointment in NYC, my liver panel showed very high liver enzymes, just a week after they were nearly normal. So they ordered me an ultrasound of the liver. But this afternoon’s ultrasound didn’t turn up any explanation. It seems their best guess at this point is a delayed gift from Keytruda. So I’m at LaGuardia, waiting to fly home. It has been a difficult trip because of the fatigue, GI issues, and the stress of yet another complication. At least I don’t have to come back for four weeks.

They want me to get my levels re-tested Monday in Knoxville and to go see a liver specialist. I don’t even like liver.

5 Replies to “Liver mystery”

  1. Oh no! One of my dance buddies had a whole rigamarole with funny liver enzymes. They decided she just has weird enzymes and not a problem. I hope either they decide the same for you or that there is something they can easily deal with.

  2. Mark, We continue to remember you and share prayer needs! Bummer on the fatigue and concerns for the liver! ! People are contributing The heat we are having to be causing fatigue! Glad you have a reprieve from going to NYC for 4 weeks Our BEST to you and Liz! New puppy still good? Blessings, Ann and Dennis


  3. Tests just can’t be counted on to provide the answers. These are churning up more questions….and they aren’t fun puzzles In the first place.
    Tonight my granddaughter explained to me that she has trouble sleeping when she thinks about tsunamis, volcanoes, and tornadoes. We talked about being anxious for nothing, prayer, and thanking God. I need that as much as she does!
    I hope you rest well.

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