How to move to New York without knowing it

IMG_6475Funny story. Tuesday morning I rushed to get out the door to my 9:45 AM radiation oncologist appointment. I don’t like to rush, but I had to gather up scan image discs and radiology reports, in case those hadn’t been forwarded as they should have been. And usually they haven’t been. Once again I’m having to orchestrate my overall, cross-specialty care and communication, something I’m neither trained in nor much good at anymore.

But that wasn’t the funny part. The funny part was after I parked, went in, and announced myself at the Special Window for Self Announcing. The nice lady looked at me, perplexed.

“I don’t remember seeing your name on our schedule this morning,” she said. Uh-oh. Did I get the day wrong again? I checked the calendar on my phone.

“I have it down for 9:45 today, I said. “Did I get it wrong?”

“Let me look on the computer here,” she said. I wait while keys click. “You had an appointment today, but it was canceled.”

“Really?” I said. “I know I didn’t cancel it. I wonder who did.” More typing noises.”It says it was canceled because you moved,” she said.

“Moved? I haven’t moved in four years.”

“I says you moved to New York,” she said.

Somehow, someone thought my clinical trial appointments in New York meant that I had moved there.

“What part of the city did I move to,” I asked. ” I hope it’s somewhere cool like the Village and not on Staten Island or way up in the Bronx.” But she didn’t know.

Once I got my domicile straightened out, she made me another appointment, but for next week. Not urgent, so no problem. I left, laughing out loud (Not LOLing. That’s what my dogs’ tongues do after they run around outside on a hot, sunny day). I can drive home in under ten minutes, so it wasn’t a big inconvenience. It was worth it for today’s little surreal event and accompanying laughter.

3 Replies to “How to move to New York without knowing it”

  1. I will never be able to watch the dogs out on a hot, sunny day without thinking their tongues are LOLing.😁

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