Missing: all my white blood cells

My liver numbers are moderately worse. The two big steroid infusions Thursday and Friday didn’t solve the problem yet. But the nurses today were more concerned at the virtual disappearance of my white blood cells.

I haven’t talked with my oncologist yet as he got stranded in Chicago on his way home from vacation. Suddenly questioning his wisdom if he connects through O’Hare.

The current plan: stay away from people, take 100 mg of prednisone per day, take Cipro antibiotic twice a day, (tomorrow) get an echocardiogram, and then get a two-hour Remicade infusion. The Remicade is supposed to shut down any lingering effects of the Keytruda. So if the Keytruda is responsible for ruining my liver, perhaps it will start to improve.

On Wednesday I finally see my oncologist. I hope to learn how dangerous my condition is and what I can expect.

8 Replies to “Missing: all my white blood cells”

  1. Hope Prednisone does for you what it does for me – provides preternatural happiness. Certainly comes in handy now and then…

  2. I am praying hard for you Mark. God has a plan for you sir, and I will continue to believe that it is here on earth. Liz needs you Mark. Don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. I believe.

  3. Psalm 28:6,7 Blessed be the LORD bc He heard the voice of my supplication! The LORD is my strength n my shield; my heart trusted in Him n I am helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoices, n with my song I will praise Him!
    Hang in there, dear brother.

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